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Company Profile

With its inception in 2012, ROINET’s purpose of existence is to act as an enabler between the people and their development. ROINET aims at providing high quality, efficient yet economical solutions to the budget conscious customers and back it up with consistent and delightful service. ROINET endeavors to provide an experiential journey to all its customers and strives to positively influence their lives substantially.

With its corporate office in Gurgaon, the company is led by a highly experienced team of industry veterans who came together in this quest for catalysing the growth and development of our people and the nation.

Our Values

We expect our employees and partners to live the below stated values at all times:

  • Commitment
  • Collaboration
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Accountability
  • Passion
  • Strong customer and market connect

Company Highlights

  • ROINET specializes in facilitating Last-mile delivery of Financial & Associate services to remotely located &/or economically backward customers.
  • Team with rich and distinct experience in Sales and distribution, Technology and Banking operations with Specialization in implementation of multi-location projects
  • Skill end to end solution for ICT based developmental projects, Financial Inclusion, e- governance, skill development & education, banking, citizen services.
  • Channel Partners with significant experience in delivering services to rural & suburbs of India.(22 states with presence in 350+ districts nationally)
  • Full spectrum of Services Kiosk Banking – BC Services & ROINET’s FI Frontend Portal, Collections Services for Businesses, Asset diversification & Protection products, Xpresso Utility Bill Shop & Associate Services, Financial Services, Skill Development & Employment Services.

ROINET’s Value Proposition

ROINET Solution Private Ltd.(ROINET) offers Business Correspondent Services to the Bank. ROINET’s Team has considerable experience in deploying financial inclusion services in India and vide their Channels have significant presence in the 22 states of India.


To be the leading company that provides a comprehensive range of financial services and energy saving/renewable energy devices to millions to value and budget conscious customers globally.


To innovate across all aspects of business and use the power of technology and business collaborations to provide customers a world class experience of our range of products and services.

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