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Intelligent Water Manager

The Intelligent Water Manager (IWM) is a home automation device that hooks up to an existing domestic or industrial water system (including the water pump(s), supply and internal distribution pipelines and water tank) to automate the water requirements/needs of the end user and regulate as well as manage the water distribution and conservation of the unit intelligently. The device is capable to drive multiple water motors for supply in for the demand as needed at different time intervals. The users can communicate with the device using a simple “Text-SMS” interface with simple commands. The device automatically understands the needs of the users with respect to the water system and regulates the distribution accordingly. The device also works as an predictive and alarming system for water related anomalies like shorting of the water pump, leakages in water pipelines, calibration issues (and the like), to alter the user and carry on a corrective action. The device intelligently adapts to the users behaviours to ensure optimal performance. One other aspect of the IWM device is its capability to interact with users and other similar class device over a global range of GSM network. This low power (60W - multiple pump use; 20W - single pump use) increases the efficiency of the pre-installed water pump and overall reduces the cost of electricity unit used with respect to manual operation. The IWM device also conserves water by reducing the overflow of water tank, alarming and restricting water leakages through supply or internal distribution pipelines and unmonitored taps. Overall IWM is your one stop intelligently automated solution to all your water needs and requirements.

  • Automatic ON/OFF of water Pump
  • Handle Multiple Pumps with single device
  • No dry run spell for motor operation
  • Measuring and preventing overflow of water storage tanks
  • Reduce electricity and water bills
  • Miscellaneous: (Extra) Wireless connection between sensors, actuators and processor.
  • GSM based SMS communication with user around the globe.
  • Self-maintenance and calibration; Longer Functional Life.
  • Measure Water Motor health and alarms in case of breakdown.
  • Measure and alters for leakages in supply and distribution pipelines.
  • Talk with server and other sources for optimal and intelligent implementation.
  • Predicts for anomaly in overall system and informs the user based on weight of error.
  • Optimizes performance based on human behaviour and control scenario.
  • System open ended for future development and upgrades.
  • Compatible with electronic taps and electronic water valves for implementing high control features
  • Device compatible with similar architecture class electronic devices for generic usage.
  • Device can is capable of measuring usage of water per month and acting as digital water meters.