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Hardware Product Partners

Pankaj Marwal

  • CNF Rajashthan

"ROINET has managed to live up to their promises on the quality of products. ROINET has also catered to the under privileged classes by coming out with high quality low cost products such as LED Lantern. Their tube lights are incomparable and can seldom be found in other brands."

Sandeep Kumar Tyagi

  • CNF Meerut

"The strength of the company is its quality of products and the responsiveness of the people working at ROINET. A certain addition to the services offered would certainly help increase the demand for ROINET services."


  • CNF Meerut

"The way the company is growing and innovating it is going to give a strong challenge to other players in this industry."

Ajay Verma

  • CNF Chattisgarh

"The quality of the products is very good. Just a little more aggressive marketing will do wonders for the company."