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Bill Payment System

Online Bill Payment System is our expansion project which would provide a model that will enable the setting up of a centralised infrastructure bringing all the billers and banks to the bill platform through the aggregators. It will also allow interoperability in the bill payment process and enable the consumers to make payments at any of the collection points at their door step. The System would provide hassle free Bill Payments, Ticketing and recharge facility at the neighbourhood outlet. It would be a safer and easier way to pay all bills without the need for standing in long queues and waiting.

Bill Payment System would have the following hierarchy

White Label internal users, as the Admin, would be at the top of the hierarchy.
The Client Master Facilitator (CMF) would be next.
Immediately below the CMF, we would have the Client Support Facilitator (CSF).
The Agent/ CSP(customer Service Point) would be at the bottom of the hierarchy.

All CMF, CSF and CSP Ids would be unique and no CMF would be, in any way, connected to the CSF and CSPs of the other CMF. Similarly, no CSF would be connected to the other CMF’s CSF or CSF in any way.

The Bill Payment System would consist of the following modules:

Profile – Profile module would allow to view/edit profile , Agreement copy and logged in user to change their password.

Channel Relationship Module – The channel Relationship Module would allow add new entities, list existing entities, etc.

Wallet Management Module – The Limit Management Module would allow the logged-in user to send top-up request to members in his hierarchy above. He can also make limit transfers or pushins to members in his hierarchy below. This is accomplished by creating an E-Wallet that would be maintained by the system itself.

Reports – The Reports section of the XpressoBillShop System would allow the logged in user to review and download the details of the work done by him and his hierarchy below. Some of the reports that would be included are Limit Ledger Report, Topup Report, Transfer Report, Transaction Report, Commission Report, etc. this would be reviewed and added from time to time.

Information Module - The Information module is the module that would allow the ROINET users to upload all essential documents related to banking , UIDAI and other internal processing. The members can download the required infomatory documents from the Information module at any time for a quick review.

Utility Services – Below mentioned the live & upcoming services which we are planning to integrate in our Xpresso Bill shop system.

  • Mobile & DTH Recharge
  • Post paid Bill Payments( Airtel Mobile & Landline, Idea, Reliance Bill GSM & CDMA, Vodafone, TATA GSM & CDMA)
  • Pan Card, NPS Lite
  • SBI General Insurance

Complaint Management System – Complaint Management system (Helpdesk) is a model for managing our company’s interactions with current and future CMF/CSF/CSP. It involves using technology to organize, automate, and synchronize customer service and technological or informative support. CMS is often thought of as a business strategy that enables businesses to:

  • Understand the customer
  • Retain customers through better customer experience.
  • Win new clients
  • Decrease customer management costs

Our Complaint Management System would allow all our CMF/CSF/ CSPs to lodge complaints or file their grievances which could be both informational and transactional. ROINET HELPDESK would try their level best to solve any of these issues and satisfy the user, who lodged the complaint, thoroughly before closing the complaint or grievance.

The CMF/ CSF/ CSP, who has filed a grievance/ complaint, would be able to review all the subsequent responses to a particular complaint/ grievance given by our Customer Care. Also they would be able to use all the responses and complaints lodged by them for future reviewing.

Direct Money Remittance(DMR thru ICC)

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