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Technology Portfolio


S No. Portal/Software Name Portal Links
1 Financial Inclusion - Kashi Gomti Samyut Gramin Bank https://kggbkiosk.roinet.in
2 Financial Inclusion - Union Bank of India https://ubikiosk.roinet.in
3 Xpresso Bill Shop Portal https://xpresso.roinet.in
4 Xpresso Mobile App https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.roinet.xpresso
5 HR Management Portal http://hr.roinet.in
6 Daily Sales Reporting system http://dsr.roinet.in
7 Inventory Management system http://inventory.roinet.in
8 Channel Relationship Module http://crm.roinet.in
9 ROINET Website http://www.roinetsolution.com

Sunforce Power

S No. Portal/Software Name Portal Links
1 HR Management Portal http://hr.sunforcepower.in
2 Daily Sales Reporting system http://dsr.sunforcepower.in
3 Inventory Management system http://inventory.sunforcepower.in
4 Sunforce Website http://www.sunforcepower.in

Other White Label Modules

S No. Portal/Software Name Portal Links
1 HR Management system for Goenka Electric Motor Vehicles http://hr.gemev.com
2 Battery Bank System for Goenka http://bb.gemev.com
3 HR Management system for OV Technology Services Pvt Ltd http://hr.ovtechnology.in
4 Bill Pay Portal for OV Technology Services Pvt Ltd http://billpay.ovtechnology.in
5 Bill Pay Portal for RPMS http://billpay.rpmsbc.in
6 Bill Pay Portal for YTS Information & Technology Services Pvt Ltd http://billpay.ytsindia.co.in
7 Bill Pay Portal for Pay4Payment http://billpay.pay4payment.com
8 Bill Pay Portal for Oxita Solution http://billpay.oxitasolution.com
9 Bill Pay Portal for ZEPHYR http://billpay.zephyr.com